Badab Soort Springs

The second saltwater spring in the world

About: Badab Soort Springs

Badab-e Surt is an exceptional travertine spring in Iran and the world which is located in Orost Village, Sari County. This spring was registered in the list of Iran's National Heritage in 2008 by Cultural Heritage Organization as the second national monument of Iran after Mount Damavand. Also, this spring was internationally registered as the world's second saltwater spring after Pamukkale in Turkey. Many years ago, there used to be a village near Badab which has already been destroyed.

General Specifications
Badab Soort Springs
Badab means carbonated water and Soort means the intensity of the effect.
The springs reside 1841 meters above sea level.
Other features
Registered globally
Protected area
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Similar relics and places
Pamukkale in Turkey, Pink and White Terraces in New Zealand, Baishuitai in China, Bagni San Filippo in Italy, Fort Yellowstone and Mammoth Hotsprings in USA, Hierve el Agua in mexico.
Access route
Between Orost and Mal Khast villages, Soort village, Poshtkuh rural district, Chahardangeh district, south of Sari, Mazandaran, Iran
Those who want to stay the night can stay over at the Hosseiniye of the village free of charge.
Badab Soort Springs
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