Ramsar Palace Museum

Next to Hotel Ramsar, Shahid Rajayi street, Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran
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Mornings from 9 to 13 and in the afternoon from 14:30 to 16:30
About: Ramsar Palace Museum

The royal Ramsar Palace or Marble Palace is one of the most precious monuments in Pahlavid era in the north of Iran. The palace was utilized to the order of Reza Shah Pahlavi and was used until the revolution in 1357 as the house of Shah’s family. Palace building is in the middle of a garden with an area of 60000 meters and the first modified citrus trees and rare decorative plants were planted in this garden and this is one of the most interesting and versatile gardens in Iran.
The architecture of this garden with a foundation of about six hundred meters is done by engineer Hovhaness Onik Gharibian under supervision of Iranian and German architects at that time. The palace building is made of white vein marbles and has a porch with 4 columns carved out of marble. Two marble statues of tiger are on both stairways at the back of the palace. There is a central hall at the beginning of the building and the doors of side rooms open to it.
After the revolution, the palace was curbed by Mostazafan Organization and it was opened under the title “Khazar Spectacle” in the form of a public museum in 1379 to present Ramsar resting palace and the monuments in the palace and to study the various monuments related to the Caspian Sea field. The furniture being showed in this museum include, the sofas, antique candlesticks and buffets, precious bronze and marble statues and paintings by well-known painters of the world. There is a pine tree with 23 meters high in the area in front of the palace that was planted in 1392 solar Hijri year. This pine tree is known as 4 horns. The tree is more than one and a half meters wide. There is also a blue pool in front of the palace where several caviar fish are kept for decoration. Ramsar Marble Palace is inside Rmsar City and on a very easily-accessible path. The palace is known as Marble Palace for the many marbles used for its construction.
For its special attractions, the palace building along with its roundabout buildings were registered on 1378/2/19 with registration number 2323 as a historical monument.

General Specifications
Ramsar Palace Museum
Year of Establishment
2001 (1379 in solar calendar)
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Spring untill early Fall
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Next to Hotel Ramsar, Shahid Rajayi street, Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran
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Are code: 0192 and thenumbers: 5225374 and 5525391 under the management of Mr. Mehrdad Eftekhari
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Ramsar Palace Museum
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