Div Cheshmeh

About: Div Cheshmeh

In Kojour district of Nowshahr in Mazandarn province, there is a fresh water spring called “Div Cheshmeh” (Ogre spring), a fresh water springing out from the heart of the ground. The stone aperture from where water springs out is open like the mouth of an ogre, but instead of fire, fresh water comes out of it.

This beautiful and attractive spring was called the great spring or Div Cheshmeh since old times for its plenty and fresh water.

General Specifications
Div Cheshmeh
Due to the abundance of fresh water this place is called Div Cheshme (Giant spring)
The depth of the spring is half a meter
Plant features
Green area and a variety of tree and shrub species
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Special touristic village of Kandolus
Access route
On the left side vicinity of the highland road of Kojour district,after having traveled 24 kilometers from the beginning of the two way from Chalus (Do Ab) to Kojour,Noshahr county, Mazandaran province, Iran
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Div Cheshmeh
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