Valasht Lake

About: Valasht Lake

This lake is in the south west of Chalus and north east of Kelardasht Area among deep valleys. It is about15 hectare and its average depth is 20 meters. Water capacity of the lake is estimated to be about three million square meters and it contains fresh water. That is why it has become the shelter for migrative birds, fish and other sea creatures.all those interested in mountain climbing, desirable weather, fishing and staying in a peaceful and ideal environment can choose this place to spend time. You can access the lake through Marzanabad and the western side of Chalus Road.
Valasht Lake was registered I the list of Iran’s natural heritage on 15th of Mehr 1388 by the Culture Heritage Organization.

General Specifications
Valasht Lake
Fresh water
Has a depth of 20 meters
Animal features
Trout, kutum, pike, Caspian shemaya, algae and plankton.
Plant features
Pine trees
Protected area
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Access route
Near Marzanabad city, 25 kilometers from Chalus road, Mazandaran province, Iran
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Valasht Lake
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