Miankaleh Protected Area

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Miankaleh peninsula is located in the southern east end of the Caspian Sea in the 12 kilometer distance of north of Behshahr in Mazandaran province of Iran. Its area is more than 68000 hectares and its height varies between 15 to 28 meters from sea level.
This peninsula divides Gorgan Gulf from the Caspian Sea. The lands of this peninsula include long shrubberies and it has been used as the meadow of cow keepers.
Miankaleh was announced as a preserved district in 1969 and is now preserved in the titles of “whildlife shelter”, “international pond” and “biosphere natural reservoir” by the environment department.

General Specifications
Miankaleh Protected Area
Miankale is the changed form of Mianqaleh
Geographical features
The peninsula is surrounded by the Caspian sea from the north, to Ashuradeh from the east, from south to the gulf of Gorgan and from west to the new port of Amirabad.
Animal features
Native birds such as pheasant, francolin, migratory birds including flamingo, greylag goose, lesser white-fronted goose, pelican, black stork, a kind of partridge, a variety of ducks, fish such as common carp, mullet and sturgeon
Plant features
Tamarisk, pomegranate orchards, raspberry and juncus meadows
Protected area
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
Ashuradeh Island
Access route
Mazandaran, 12 kilometers to the north of Behshahr city, at the end of southeast side of Caspian sea
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Miankaleh Protected Area
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