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This spa is where the eye catching climax of Damavand exists and it has several springs. This place is the most famous spa of Larijan which is called “Shah Abbasi Bath” which is undoubtedly natural, though it is not much clean as it is always crowed.
After Shah Abbasi bath, Ab-Ahan (Water-iron) pool is the most famous pool of the district. There is a high amount of iron in the water of this spring which is obvious from its color! This water is very beneficial for skin diseases and it is located on the top of the mountain.

General Specifications
Larijan Hot Springs
Healing properties
It's useful for the treatment of various skin diseases, bone pain, joints and rheumatism.
Water temperature
62 degrees
Duration of visit
From 10 AM to 6 PM - Overnight accommodation
Similar hydrotherapies
Sareyn hotsprings
Necessary equipment
Clothing, towel and etc
Nearest tourist attractions
Shahan waterfall
Access route
Mazandaran, Larijan. After going 70 kilometers on the road of Heraz, on Gazank region of Larijan district,seperate from the main road continue on the mountainous road towards the west and after going through Gazaneh village you'll reach the springs.
Fully equipped accommodation units, with access to private family hot spring pools, fully furnished suites
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Larijan Hot Springs
2018-03-25 02:31
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Hi Federico,

Regards your questions:
Ladies need their bathing clothes and for men only swimming underwear. And the ladies and men swimming pool or bath are separate or will be in different timing.

There are few options which I collect you through some Persian bloggers.

1-To use the public baths & pool in this village which will cost around 3 Euros per person.

2-To rent a suite in this village and stay over night and use its facility:
A: These suites have bathroom about 2 x 2.5 meters with tube which its water is natural and very hot, you can use it any time you wish and it will be private in your rental suite. These suites are around
20 Euros for two persons without breakfast. (You will have your own kitchen as well) Some of them have heating system with oil heater and some with radiator water heating system, choice the one
with radiator water heating system, otherwise you might get headache because of oil heater. (please see photos)

B: Some of these suites have a public area which is bigger and you can use it beside your personal bathroom with thermal water but you might get a chance of using it two times a day each time for half
an hour, this will be including to your suite cost.

3: You can rent only room as well but it won't have any bathroom inside, these one cost around 10 Euros for two people.

I hope these information was useful for you, if you have further questions, please ask us here, or email us: [email protected]

By the way, we will be happy if you sure you personal experience with us and other travellers here after visiting Larijan Thermal baths.

Thank you in advance,

TripYar Management and Tour Consultant Saeed
Federico Guarneri
2018-03-23 13:33
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I'll be in Larijan on the 13th of April after climbing Damavand. Can you tell me the price range of the thermal baths ? will the price include towels ? can you describe the clothing necessary inside the baths for men and women ? Thanks in advance for your answer
Federico Guarneri
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