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Chal Naxjir cave is located in Delijan town of Markazi province in Iran. This cave is located in the middle of the route from Delijan to Naraq, in a district called Chal Naxjir, in the Mount Takht hillside. This cave was accidentally detected when there was an investigations for water by the Water Organization of Delijan and because of an explosion. The age of this cave is estimated to be approximately 70 million years and it is considered as one of the limestone and live caves. Chal Naxjir cave is a layered cave and it is consisted of 3 layers. Decorative stones with various shapes such as eagle, turtle, dear, human, dove, and giant crystalline sculptures are created that most of them are made of limestone. “Bride”, “Cauliflower”, “Mud fountain”, “Leagues,” and “The Monster” chambers are some of the spectacular parts of this rare and strange cave.
This cave was registered in the list of Iran’s national relics in 2005.

General Specifications
Chal Nakhjir Cave
Chal Nakhjir means lower than the hunting ground
Cave's name is taken from a region called Chal Nakhjir
Geological history
Belongs to the third geological period
Physical features of the cave
Cave's length L 1200 meters, Cave's depth, 40 to 50 meters. It's a natural cave. Of the stratified caves. Its living stone formation make it one of the self healing caves in the world.
Special features
Uniqueness of alluviums, easy access to the cave, self-healing due to being alive and proper air ventilation inside the cave
Necessary equipment
No need for special tools or equipment.
Nearest tourist attractions
Jasb wildlife shelter
Special Offer
Entry into the cave for people who have heart and breathing problems is prohibited. Bringing camera and bags inside the cave is prohibited.
Access route
In the slopes of Takht mountain, A region called Chal Nakhjir, in the middle of the road from Delijan to Naraq, Markazi province, Iran
Phone number
Chal Nakhjir Cave of Naraq's Management: 09191581591
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Chal Nakhjir Cave

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