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Located in the heart of a 100-hectare desert, Mighan Lagoon displays a beautiful face from the sun and coolness and purity. 
Mighan Desert is physically responsible for the purification of Arak's air, and the watercourses of this city flow into this desert. Mighan Wetland contains the largest source of Sodium Sulfate in the country; Iran Mineral Salts Company has gained the right to extract from the mines of this wetland.
In terms of tourism, this Lagoon is one of the important centers of ecotourism and visiting the birds in Iran. November 6 has been named "The Day of Crane" because it is the day when the cranes flock to Mighan Lagoon.

General Specifications
Mighan Lagoon (Miqan Lagoon)
Mighan means credulous.
Wetland's height from sea level is 1700 meters.
Animal features
This wetlandalone holds the 68 percent of thebirdsof Markazi province and 27 percent of thebirdsof the entire counry, of which, 27 species are of the endangered, rare or protected species.
Plant features
Atriplex species and Nitraria and Halophyte
Protected area
Best time to visit
Early November
Duration of visit
One day
Necessary tools and equipment
Access route
In the vicinity of Rahzan, Deh Namak and Taramazd villages, southwest of Davoudabad, 15 kilometers northeast of Arak, Markazi province, Iran
Access to vehicles
Unavailable but you could rent a room from the village..
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Mighan Lagoon
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