Gahar Lake

Of themost beautifulmountain lakes of the middle east and of the most important fresh water lakes of Iran.

About: Gahar Lake

“Gahar Bala” and “Gahar Payin” permanent and fresh lakes are located in the eastern side of Lorestan and in the skirts of Oshtorankuh Mountain. Gahar Lake is one of the most beautiful mountainous lakes of the country. This lake is formed of the snow on Oshtorankuh melting and being gathered behind the dam that has appeared by flowing on the mountain. The relative frequency of inlet water to this lake causes the water flow into the lower lake (the bigger one). The length of the major lake is one and a half kilometers and its average width is 600 meters. The maximum depth of the lake is 28 meters and its area is about 100 hectares and it is located 2400 meters from sea level. It has only one path for horses to the skirt of the mountain which is difficult to pass.
Various shrubs, stout willow trees, roundabouts beautiful plants and flowers have turned the area around the lake to a natural and incredible park. Eye-catching beauty and modern views of the lake have made numerous people from Lorestan, neighboring cities and other parts of the country to w alk or drive to the lake to spend their time there for several days, despite the difficult path.
The lake is in the protected area of Oshtorankuh.

General Specifications
Gahar Lake
It has 28 meters of depth.
Animal features
Includes the animals of the Oshtorankuh protected area and the fish inside the lake and different birds and creatures.
Plant features
Includes the species of Juniperus excelsa, willow, mountain almond, Turpentine, wild pear, walnut, fig, ash, Amygdalus scoparia, milkvetch, mugworts, thymes, eremurus, Fritillaries, poppy, Acanthophyllum, pennyroyal, shallot and etc
Protected area
Best time to visit
Access route
Dorud county, Lorestan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Gahar Lake

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