Azna Snow Tunnel

Slope of Oshtorankuh Lorestan

About: Azna Snow Tunnel

Azna Snow Tunnel is one of the most wonderful sights in Lorestan and Azna County that is visited every year by many tourists, mountaineers and nature lovers.
The snow tunnel has been naturally formed in the snow and ice on the outskirts of the great and towering Oshtorankuh in Kamandan area in Azna County. The length of this tunnel is more than 800 meters and its height is 3-5.2 meters from bottom to top of the tunnel. The snow tunnel can only be visited in spring and summer.

General Specifications
Azna Snow Tunnel
The height of Oshtorankuh 4250 meters
Geographical features
The snow tunnelis on the slope of Oshtorankuh
Animal features
Wild goats and sheep
Plant features
Wild mountain plants
Important parts to visit
The snow tunnel, Oshtorankuh and the beautiful nature of the region.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Darband village
Access route
Oshtorankuh Kamandan district, 5 kilometers south of Azna county, Lorestan province, Iran
Parking at the beginning of ascension
Drinkable water spring on the path
Azna Snow Tunnel

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