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Palangan Village is a tourist attraction located 15 kilometers from Kamyaran Town in the beginning of Hawraman District, Kurdistan Province. It is one of the most beautiful stepped villages with special architecture and distinct nature in different seasons. 
Palangan Castle used to stand 800 meters from the village in the picturesque valley of Tangivar where full-of-water springs are; however, only the remains of its rooms and old bridges have currently been left. The remains of the castle and bridges built on the river indicate that it belongs to pre-Islamic period. 

General Specifications
The name of Palangan village was Palangan at first which meant leopard habitat, and Pal means backrest in kurdish.
3000 years
Local language
Owrami accent
Customs and traditions
The traditional tribal ceremony
Local products and souvenirs
The natural honey of the village, wheat, barley and a variety of dairy products, Giveh weaving, knitting woolen cloth and wave weaving.
Important parts to visit
Palangan castle
Best time to visit
Spring, Winter and Fall (it's a beautiful place in summer but weather might be too hot)
Duration of visit
One day
Similar villages and monuments
Nearest tourist attractions
Palangan castle
Access route
Tangivar canyon, 15 kilometers from Kamyaran city, Zhavehrud rural district, Kordestan province, Iran
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Palangan Village

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