Khosro Abad Mansion, Sanandaj

Khosro Abad boulevard (Shibli), Sanandaj, Kordestan, Iran
About: Khosro Abad Mansion, Sanandaj

Khosro Abad Mansion in Khosro Abad Bolivar of Shibli is located in Sanandaj City. This construction is unique in its kind and the center of government of Ardalan, especially Khosro Khan Ardalan. Apart from the two main parts, that is the royal palace with a column entrance in the construction complex and Khosro Abad Garden, Khosro Abad Garden had also been of special significance. This garden that has practically been divided into 4 Khosro Abad Gardens by 4 streets in the front and sides of it and its roundabouts that is surrounded by 4 ditches and the garden surrounded by different kinds of trees have given a special view to the complex. Only the tress of 4 garden and some parts of the 4 streets are remaining at the moment. There is an inscription in Khosro Abad on which the names of Fathali Shah Qajar and Kurdistan governor, Aman Allah Khan and the date 1223 hijri are carved. Khosro Abad Construction is the most outstanding monument in Kurdistan Province that used to be used as the center of government by Ardalan governors. Restoration operations of this historical building began since 1373, although most of the repairing and restorations were done in 1379. Architectural decorations of the construction include moldings, brick works, elegant orosis and cruciform pool inside the construction.
Khosro Abad Construction was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments with registration number 1491.

General Specifications
Khosro Abad Mansion, Sanandaj
Zand and Qajar periods
2000 (1379 in solar calendar)
Amanullah Khan Ardalan, the governor of Kordestan.
Nearest tourist attractions
Salar Saeed's mansion (Sanandaj museum), mansion of Asef
Access route
Khosro Abad boulevard (Shibli), Sanandaj, Kordestan, Iran
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Khosro Abad Mansion, Sanandaj

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