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The historical village of Marin with a mild climate and scenic and spectacular places is one of the popular and attractive districts of Iran. The royal path of Shush to Takht-e Jamshid (Persepolis) and Bishapour (in the Achaemenid era) passed from the 7 kilometer distance of this village. The strategic position of Marin village in the Achaemenid, Parthians, and Sassanid eras has caused the construction several road watch fortresses in its sphere of influence.
This beautiful village has one of the ancient architecture designs of Iran. If you have travelled to Masuleh village in north of the country, you would have seen the similarity of this village with Masuleh village. This is why tourists call this village the Masuleh of the south. 

General Specifications
Marni in the local tongue means "There are no snakes here" which later on has changed to Marin
It has atleast been estimated until the Achaemenid period
Local language
Dili accent of the Lori language
Customs and traditions
The "Kosa Gelin" ceremony is unique to this village.
Local products and souvenirs
Rugs, woolen cloths, carpets and sack and local delicacies like pomogranate sauce, butter, yogurt, doogh, mastic
Best time to visit
Similar villages and monuments
It's similar to Masuleh in terms of architectur
Nearest tourist attractions
Kosar dam
Access route
Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, 36 km north of Gachsaran, Marin village
How to access
The access rout to Marin village is from the Gachsaran city via the asphalt road
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Marin Village
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