Cheshme Belghais Garden

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Cheshme Belghais Garden in Choram is a vast area filled with trees located in the heart of short stone fences. It is a garden in an old valley with weeping willows inside and around it for years that astounds everyone by its beauty and the smell of Choram rice seedlings have filled the garden and have created an extremely picturesque and spiteful environment.
This garden is environed by Choram-Gachsaran Road in the north, by agricultural fields in south, by Jihad Keshavarzi Garden (Emran Garden) in the west and agricultural fields and neighboring mountains in the east.
Several seasonal and permanent rivers flow in this plain and crops like wheat, barley and rice are cultivated in this area.
Cheshme Belghais Garden and the historical tower related to the period after Islam are located 9 kilometers from Choram County and this monument was registered in the list of Iranian national monuments in seventh of Mehr 1381 with number 6288.
More than 700 thousand tourists and travelers annually visit Cheshme Belghais Garden in Choram.

General Specifications
Cheshme Belghais Garden
According to the locals, this place was constructed by a woman named Belghais dueing the late Sassanid and early Islamic eras.
Plant features
Around the spring is a green garden with gum trees, cedar, oak, cypress and different fruit trees such as walnut, pear, apple, lime, persimmon, orange, tangerine, fig, grape, berry, bitter orange and palm trees.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Access route
Charam city the capitalof Choram county, 220 kilometers southwest of Yasuj, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Iran
Network coverage
More details
Camping, restroom, shower and pavillion have been prepared for this beautiful garden.
Cheshme Belghais Garden

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