Shush Castle


Taleghani street, the ancient site of Shush, Shush city, Khuzestan, Iran
Visiting time:
Winters: 8-17:30, Summers: 8-20
Annual holidays:
9th and 10th of Moharram, 28 Safar, 21th of Ramazan , 25th of Shavval( these are dates on the lunar calender) 14th Khordad (solar calender)
Entrance fee(Iranian):
30000 Rials (for museum and castle)
Intrance fee(Foreigners):
200000 Rials (for museum and castle)
About: Shush Castle

Jacques Jean Marie de Morgan came to Shush from France in 1897to conduct research and discoveries and construction of Shush Castle began for his and his companions’ resident and maintaining the discovered ancient monuments. To this end, the highest point on Shush hills, Acropol, was selected and a castle in the form of medieval and trapezoid was built on it. The building of the castle was mainly madeof the bricks and ancient parts of other different periods that were remaining around the ancient area of Shush. Its construction finished in 1912. The castle is still used as the center of keeping and studying ancient monuments.

General Specifications
Shush Castle
Qajar era
The French
UNESCO World Heritage
Similar relics and places
Looks like the Bastille prison in France.
Nearest tourist attractions
Susa Museum, Apadana Palace
Access route
Taleghani street, the ancient site of Shush, Shush city, Khuzestan, Iran
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Shush Castle

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