Protected Forest Area of Shimbar

About: Protected Forest Area of Shimbar

The preserved forest district of Shimbar is one of the particular samples of Iran’s beautiful reflections which include the beautiful swamp of Shimbar which is surrounded by the snowy heights of Taraz, Leler, Kino and Menar like a beautiful gem. The relatively aggregated and somehow intact forests of Zagros district form the population of trees. The springing fountains such as Sarhouni spring, Susan and Sorkhab spring and Tang Sard spring with unique plant populations including natural farms of grape, pomegranate, and wild berry inside and around the swamp have increased the beauties of this district.

Existence of animals which only exist in Zagros district such as Iranian squirrel, wild goat, panther, bear, partridge and See-see partridge have created a favorable life variety in this district.

General Specifications
Protected Forest Area of Shimbar
Animal features
Wolf, brown bear, leaopard, wildcat,boar, rabbit, jackal, hyena, squirrel, types of bat, porcupine, ovis, wild goat and etc
Plant features
Fragrant myrtle, Iranian oak
Important parts to visit
Pol-e Negin
Best time to visit
Special Offer
Since the area is protected, passage papers are required
Access route
Khuzestan, Masjed Soleyman, the route of Masjed Soleyman to Shahr-e Kord
Drinkable water spring
There are several springs in the region.
Network coverage
Advantage & Disadvantage of Protected Forest Area of Shimbar
Disadvantage of Protected Forest Area of Shimbar
  • Road construction in the protected area of Shimbar
Protected Forest Area of Shimbar

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