Miangaran Lagoon

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Miangaran lagoon is located in the south west of Zagros hillside and in the one and half kilometer distance of Izeh town in the north east of Khuzestan province. This lagoon which has always been exposed to damage is one of the rarest lagoons that in addition to having natural attractions, it has various historical attractions as well left from the Elam civilization era. Menqar River  or Miangaran lagoon is one of the rarest lagoons of Iran that has been even mentioned in classic texts.

General Specifications
Miangaran Lagoon
Geographical features
Zagros mountain range
Animal features
Northern shoveler, Eurasian teal, flamingo, black and white stork, hamerkop and grey heron and important and rare species such as the marbled duck, white-headed duck and white fronted goose
Plant features
Reed, pasture plants, alhagi, varieties of hay and fenugreek and types of local plants known as Shati and Pawkde are considered the main vegetation of the wetland
Protected area
Best time to visit
Day (month in solar Calender around December-January)
Nearest tourist attractions
Archeological sites surrounding the pond
Access route
Khuzestan, Izeh, Pion road
Access to vehicles
No residence available but you can rent accomodation from the villages in the area
Network coverage
Advantage & Disadvantage of Miangaran Lagoon
Disadvantage of Miangaran Lagoon
  • Reduction of the water level in the warm season.
  • Entrance of agricultural wastewaters into the wetland.
  • Lack of residential centers near the wetland.
Miangaran Lagoon
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