Quri Qala Cave

Biggest aquatic cave in the middle east

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Qouri Qala or Qouri Qal’eh cave is the largest water cave of Middle East with a 65 million year background, located in Kermanshah province. This cave is located in the 25 kilometer distance of Ravansar town, in the hillside of Shahou Mountain and has an overlooking scene of Ravansar – Paveh route in the neighboring area of a village with the same name.
In Qouri Qala or Qouri Qal’eh cave of Kermanshah, there are 4 waterfalls in the depths of the ground which this feature differentiates this cave with other similar ones.
This cave has been a safe and remote place throughout history and detection of relics such as some plates, bowls, and some coins from Yazdegerd III era indicates its age and use in ancient times.
This cave is 12 kilometers long and is 3140 meter deep. And it is registered as one of Iran’s seven natural and national relics.
This cave was first registered as Iran’s natural and national relic by the Department of Environment and then it was registered as the 54th national relic in the list of Iran’s natural heritage by the Cultural Heritage Organization on March 17th, 2009.

General Specifications
Quri Qala Cave
Gura means big in Kurdish and qala is castle or fortress. In Turkish, however, "Quri" means "dry" and Qala also means castle.
During the Sassanid period a castle was built in the area. This castle was Named Gora qala by the locals.
Geological history
65 million years ago and related to the second geological period.
Physical features of the cave
There are four waterfalls in the depth of two thousand meters inside the Quri Qala cave and it has been formed from shapely halls and speleothems.
Special features
The biggest aquatic cave of Asia and the longest aquatic cave of Iran
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
The remains of a Sassanid castle, forest nature of the area
Access route
25 kilometers from Ravansar, on the slopes of Shaho mountain and facing the Ravansar-Paveh road and in the vicinity of a village with the same name, Kermanshah province, Iran
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Quri Qala Cave

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