Chopoghi Windcatcher, Sirjan

One of the most unique windcatchers in Iran and the world.

Haj Rashid alley, Dr, Sadeghi boulevard, Sirjan city, Kerman, Iran
About: Chopoghi Windcatcher, Sirjan

Chopoghi Wind-catcher in Sirjan is one of the most unique wind-catchers in Iran and the world that was build for the house of late Dr. Seyyer Ali Asghar Razavi (the first physician in Sirjan County). This wind-catcher was built in Reza Shah Pahlavi reign by an architect named Seyyed Mohammad Shojaii, imitating old smokestacks and ventilators. Chopoghi Wind-catcher is related to Pahlavid I period and is located in Haj Rashid Alley, Dr. Sadeghi Bulevar in Sirjan. It was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 7th of Mehr 1381 with registration number 6467.

General Specifications
Chopoghi Wind-Catcher, Sirjan
Reza Shah Pahlavi period
It was built for the houseof late Dr. Seyyed Ali Asghar Razavi by the architect Seyyed Mohammad Shojaei
Architectural style
The chopoghi wind-catchers were inspired by the funnels and stacks of the old ships.
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Historical buldings of Sirjan
Access route
Haj Rashid alley, Dr, Sadeghi boulevard, Sirjan city, Kerman, Iran
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Chopoghi Windcatcher, Sirjan
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