Underground Village of Meymand (Hand-dug)

The village was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

About: Underground Village of Meymand (Hand-dug)

Maymand is a rocky village in Maymand County in Shahr-e Babak Town in Kerman Province which is in the south east of Iran. It is a village similar to Kandovan Village in Osku in Azerbaijan; one of the wonderful places where human beings and the nature have cooperated to create it. “Kichehs” are cave like houses that the residents of the village have created in the holes in sedimentary skirt of the mountain. The sediments are so soft that can be formed by tools and hand and they are so hard that people can sleep comfortably and without any stress under them. Its houses are built on one another like the houses in Kandovan. They do not have any windows or chimneys and they have formed a set of houses for summer and winter beside ganbehs and sheds.
Maymand is a rocky village with several thousand years of history. This ancient Dastkand monument is undoubtedly the first human settlement in Iran. Maymand Village has a total number of 406 kichehs and 2560 rooms. Residents of the village have special customs and Pahlavi words can still be heard in their language and dialect. Maymand won the world prize “Melina Mercouri” in 1384; an award that is given every two years to the interaction of art, culture, human and nature.
This village was registered in the world list of UNESCO in 2015 with registration number 1423.

General Specifications
The village dates back from 1200 to 3000 years ago.
Local language
Pahlavi, Sassanid
Local products and souvenirs
Pistacia Atlantica, Amygdalus scoparia, Almond, Walnut, Caraway and etc
Best time to visit
Spring until early Fall
Similar villages and monuments
Kandovan village
Nearest tourist attractions
Mousakhani mansion
Access route
Meymand village, about 36 kilometers northeast of Shahr-e Babak city, Kerman province, Iran
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Underground Village of Meymand (Hand-dug)

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