Rhubarb Meadow of Shahr-e Babak

About: Rhubarb Meadow of Shahr-e Babak

In the 20 kilometer distance of Shahr-e Babak in Kerman province, there is a meadow with a beautiful and eye catching view which is known as Rhubarb meadow. This meadow is considered as one of the touristic districts of Shahr-e Babak which shines like a red gem and shows a very beautiful scene of nature and attracts the attention of tourists and anyone who passes by to itself with its dreamy view.
Rhubarb has some elements in itself such as Potassium and Calcium and it is relatively rich in vitamins. The petiole of rhubarb which is its usable part has some organic acids such as Malic acid which is beneficial for quenching thirst and easing the digestion of food. Also, in the traditional medicine, rhubarb is used for exorcizing some of the harmful bacteria. The excessive use of rhubarb cases the lack of calcium in body.

General Specifications
Rhubarb Meadow of Shahr-e Babak
Plant features
Special features
The most beautiful rhubarb plain of Iran
Best time to visit
Early ordibehesht (late April)
Access route
Kerman, 20 kilometers from Shahr-e Babak, Shahr-e Babak-Anar highway, road of Midok copper mine
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Rhubarb Meadow of Shahr-e Babak

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