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Kaluts are sandy mountains that are formed as a result of desert “wind” erosion and enchanting shapes are formed that leaves everyone bewildered for its unique beauty.
Kalut is formed by the combination of two words: “Kal” meaning “village” and “Lut” meaning “desert in Persian.
When you suddenly open your eyes in the heart of Lut Desert and see strange soil structures and there are many of them as far as they meet the eyes, you feel yourself in a new city. It is a city devoid of inhabitants that seems to have been made for the ghosts. Perhaps that is why this city is said to be for the fairies.
“Shahdad” is one hundred kilometers from Kerman and 40 kilometers to the legendary city of “Kalutha”. This region is known among geologists as one of the “geothermal poles”. The very desert dryness might drag many tourists from green lands of Europe to Iran.
There are “Nebkas” (desert vases) near Shahdad whose height reaches 10 meters at times, while the highest Nebkas in African Desert are 3 meters tall.

General Specifications
Shahdad Kalut
Kalut is combination of the two word," Kal" meaning oasis and "lut" which is thenameof the deseret.
A yardang is a streamlined protuberance carved from bedrock or any consolidated or semiconsolidated material by the dual action of wind abrasion by dust and sand, and deflation which is the removal of loose material by wind turbulence.(wikipedia)
Geographical features
Special features
Since it's located at Lut desert it is devoid of life.
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40 kilometers from Shahdad, Kerman province, Iran
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Shahdad Kalut
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