Shazdeh (Mahan) Garden

Shazdeh Gardenin Mahan

Slope of Tigranes mountain, 2 kilometers from Mahan and 30 kilometers from Kerman city, Kerman province, Iran
About: Shazdeh (Mahan) Garden

Shazdeh (Shahzadeh) Garden is one of the most beautiful historical gardens in Iran. This garden is located about 2 kilometers away from Mahan City and in the outskirts of Tigran Mountains and is related to Qajar period. The garden was established in 1276 solar hijri year. Tourists visit this beautiful Iranian garden every year and enjoy its beauty and freshness.
This garden is one of the 9 Iranian gardens and information regarding this garden is translated into 35 languages by UNESCO and it exists in UNESCO tourist map. Shahzadeh Mahan Garden with lofty trees and the streamlet whose pleasant sound is heard from around the corner is like a precious diamond on desert chest.
This garden is one of the Iranian bed gardens and is located on a rectangular land with an area of 5.5 hectar and has a very beautiful entrance structure. Garden buildings include the main summerhouse which is the permanent and/or seasonal settlement of the owner at the end of the garden. House façade at the entrance of the garden is like a linear structure at the beginning of the garden and the building has two floors. The upper floor has rooms for living and catering. Apart from the entrance structure, this garden includes a kingly mansion and bathroom. The kingly mansion is turned into a restaurant at the moment and is run by a private sector.
Various fruit trees can be seen in this garden and the ponds and fountains have made an elegant waterfront.
Shahzadeh Garden was registered in UNESCO world records on thirtieth of Tir 1390.

General Specifications
Shazdeh (Mahan) Garden
Late Qajar period
The garden was founded by the Irvanian commander Mohammad Hasan Khan, the ruler of Kerman at the time, and later its interior was built by the Abdulhamid Mirza Naser ad Dawla, another ruler of Kerman.
Special features
Largest and most beautiful historical garden of Iran
UNESCO World Heritage
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine
Access route
Slope of Tigranes mountain, 2 kilometers from Mahan and 30 kilometers from Kerman city, Kerman province, Iran
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Shazdeh (Mahan) Garden
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