Jameh Mosque, Kerman

Mozaffari Jameh Mosque

Shariati street and Moshtaq square, Kerman, Iran
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Jameh Mosque of Kerman or Jameh Mozaffari Mosque is located by Moshtagh (Shohada) Square and is surrounded by Mozaffari Garden, Ghadamgah Bazaar, Shariati Street and Moshtah Square in Kerman. This is one the four-porched mosques with a high portal in porch scene and bedchamber. This mosque was established during the reign of Amir Mobarez Aldin Mohammad Mozaffar, dynasty of Al- Mozaffar. The foundation date on the inscription of the main portal is 750 hijri year. However, there have been some attachments and repairing on the mosque in the next periods such as repairing the tiles of the great porch at the time of Vakil al-Molk and tiling of the columns and quarters inside the mosque and establishment of a northern bedchamber in recent years. Its eastern portal was destroyed by shootings of the canons of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar but it was repaired and reconstructed later on.
The most valuable parts of the building are altar tilings and eastern portal of the mosque.
This mosque was registered in the list of national monuments in 1315 with registration number 276.

General Specifications
Jameh Mosque, Kerman
Since thismosque was built by Mohammad Mozaffar Maibudi , It's known as Mozaffari mosque.
1349 ( 750 on lunar calendar)
Safavid period to the recent period
Mubariz al-Din Muhammad
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Shariati street and Moshtaq square, Kerman, Iran
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Jameh Mosque, Kerman
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