Icehouses of Kerman

Abouhamed street, Kerman city, Kerman province, Iran
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Kerman ice houses are the historical monuments of this desert city, the most important of which is called Moayedi Ice Pit. These ice houses are ice reservoirs in summer and ice producer areas in winter. This desert area along with its ice houses is very interesting for the tourists.
The components of ice houses are reservoirs, fences, pools and ice holes. Reservoir plans are circular and a dome of “Bastu” kind is established on top of them. Its fence is quiet high and 12 meters. The building materials are adobe and mud mortar. The application of the ice houses in old days was maintaining ice for summer days of the citizens.

Famous Ice Pits in Kerman
Moayedi Ice house is one of the historical monuments in Keramn. It is located in Abu HAMED Street and the monument was registered as one of Iran’s national monuments on 2nd of Aban 1378 with registration number 2437. This monument was established in late Safavid days and it was called “Moayedi” because a famous aqueduct named “Moayedi Aqueduct” was supplying its water.
Zerisef frigs are from Qajar era and are located in Zerisof Street in Kerman.

How did ice production proccess in these ice-houses?

So in the cold winter time, they would fill the small pools next to these ice-houses with water and let it to freeze.

Once it was frozen, they would cut them in pieces and carry it to the ice-house, which was built in a way to isolate the warm and cold weather transmission. After laying one layer of ice in these ice-houses, they would cover it with straw and put the next layer on top of it, to make it easier to separate when they need to use it.

And usually in the bottom floor of ice house, they used to have drainage to drain melted ice’s water away from the bottom, so it doesn’t lead to more ice to be melting.

Once summer was arrived they would open the doors of these ice-houses for public to sell the ice for the families or people who might need ice to use.

General Specifications
Icehouses of Kerman
Dating back to the onset of the people's settlement in the heart of the desert; the existing icehouses in Kerman are mostly related to Safavid and Qajar eras.
Special features
Moaiiedi icehouse is one of the larest adobe and mud ice reservoirs in the world.
Important parts to visit
Zeryosof and Moaiiedi icehouses are of the famous ice reservoirs of Kerman.
Access route
Abouhamed street, Kerman city, Kerman province, Iran
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Icehouses of Kerman
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