Dalfard District

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Dalfard is the Chalous road of eastern Iran, even its turns and twists are as beautiful as the Chalous road. This place has two spring seasons. One is the spring of desert areas which is late February and early March, and the other starts from late March to early April.
A miracle occurs in this place that eye is not used to it. Tropical and cold climate fruits can be seen in Dalfard together. A special climate condition exists in this district, and the more one goes from lower areas to higher areas, weather temperature is reduced. In this valley, in addition to cold climate, a warm climate is also dominant.

General Specifications
Dalfard District
Plant features
Orange trees, walnuts, pomegranates and bananas, turpentine, pennyroyal, Montpellier maple, Amygdalus Wendelboi Freitag, Amygdalus scoparia and etc
Special features
You can see both the warm-season and cold-season fruits in one place at Dalfard
Important parts to visit
Best time to visit
March, April, Fall
Access route
Kerman province, 25th kilometer of the Jiroft - Rayen two-way and Baft on the route of Sarduiyeh city, Dalfard district
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Dalfard District

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