Ab Malakh Waterfall

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Have you ever heard of a natural pesticide? It is a strange waterfall that acts like a spray gun and demolishes all grasshoppers and pests of farms and agricultural lands. The most natural pesticide of the world emerges from the heart of a cave and then pours into the river. This waterfall is also known as Takht-e Soleyman  waterfall.
Behind the waterfall, there is a dangerous but beautiful cliff that has turned Ab Malakh (Water-grasshopper) waterfall to one of the most dangerous waterfalls of Iran. The best time for visiting Ab Malakh waterfall is spring and summer.
If you wish to visit this natural pesticide that aside from this particular feature, has a very beautiful and spectacular view, you would have to travel to the 60 kilometer distance of Samirem.

General Specifications
Ab Malakh Waterfall
Appellation if this area is due to the giant natural boulder that much like a bridge, rests on the river, connecting the two valleys.
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
Bi Bi Seyyedan waterfall, Hena hunting prohibited area
Special Offer
Exercise caution! The waterfall has dangerous edges and precipices.
Access route
Isfahan, 60 kilometers from Semirom city, Semirom-Yasuj road, In the vicinity of Ab Malakh village
Unavailable, but you can park your car at Ab Malakh village
You can rent a room from the village
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Ab Malakh Waterfall

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