Garmeh Village

About: Garmeh Village

Garmeh is a village in Khor and Biabanak areas in Isfahan Province which is 720 kilometers away from the center of the city and its crowdedness. The village holds magnificent groves. The sights of the village include a lagoon that is formed by the spring in this village and surrounded by towering date trees and the Sassanid Castle in the center of the village.

General Specifications
A few thousand years
Local language
Ancient Pahlavi language
Local products and souvenirs
Orange - grapes - figs - almonds, dates
Important parts to visit
Sassanid castles, palm groves, hot springs and etc
Best time to visit
Winter, Spring, Autumn
Duration of visit
One to a few days
Nearest tourist attractions
Mesr village
Access route
40 kilometers south of Khur county, Isfahan province, Iran
Network coverage
Garmeh Village

Tourist attractions of Khur and Biabanak

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