Maranjab Desert (Band-e Rig)

About: Maranjab Desert (Band-e Rig)

Maranjab Desert is in the geographical location N5148 to N5152 and E5140 to E5157 in Isfahan. Maranjab Desert is located in the northern part of Aran and Bidgol in Kashan County in Isfahan Province. Maranjab has been in fact the name of an inn and aqueduct that was established at the time of Shah Abbas Safavid and it later on extended to Maranjab Desert. The average height of Maranjab Desery from sea level is about 850 meters. The main part of this desert is covered with sand hills sabulous. Maranjab Desert is very rich in vegetation. The main vegetation of the area includes halophytes such as tamarisks, haloxlylons and zygophyllum atriploides. Animal coverage of this area is very rich due to abundant amounts of water and nutrients. Some of the animals include wolves, jackals, hyenas, Rüppell's foxes (sand foxes), sand cats, monitor lizards, chameleons, different kinds of lizards, snakes, scorpions, see-see partridges, eagles, hawks, etc. A pair of leopards was also seen over the last year in this area.

General Specifications
Maranjab Desert (Band Rig)
Digging wells was so difficult in this area that it got the name Mard Ranj Ab, which was later canged into Maranjab.
Animal features
Wolf, jackal, hyena, sand fox, sand cat, monitor lizard, chameleon, a variety of lizards, snakes, scorpions, eagles, falcons and etc
Plant features
Halophyte such as Tamarisk and Saxual trees and Zygophyllum bushes.
Best time to visit
Mid fall
Necessary equipment
Two differential cars and the necessary equipment for passing through desert and quicksand areas, such as compass, GPS, accurate maps of the region, abundant water.
Nearest tourist attractions
Kavir National Park, Sefid Abad Rangers' place
Access route
The main route of Maranjab starts from Aran va Bidgol county 5 kilometers north of Kashan, Kashan city, Isfahan province, Iran.
Restroom at the beginning
Residence at the beginning
Restaurant at the beginning
Shelters on the path
Maranjab Desert (Band-e Rig)
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