Borujerdis House

Kashan Cultural Heritage Administration

Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood, Kashan, Isfahan, Iran
Visiting time:
9 to 18 summer time - 9 to 16:30 winter time.
Annual holidays:
Days of mourning
Entrance fee(Iranian):
25000 Rials.
Intrance fee(Foreigners):
150000 Rials.
About: Borujerdis House

Borujerdis House is a historical monument in Kashan. It lies in Sultan Mir Ahmad neighborhood and was built in second half of century 13 AH (Century 18 AD). Haj Seyed Hasan Natanzi, a Natanzi merchant in Kashan, was the founder of the house, and Master Ali Maryam Kashani was the architect. Borujerdis House is currently Kashan’s Cultural Heritage Office. 
With its beautiful symmetric crescent-shaped wind catchers and pavilion on top, this house is one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces of Iran. In the whole, Borujerdis House is an exquisite historical monument in Iran in terms of design, architecture, age, ornaments, and stucco. Precious paintings and stucco of this house were done under the supervision of Kamal-ol-Molk. The house has been registered under the registration number of 1083. 
Borujerdis historical house of Kashan was announced by UNESCO as “the best choice” in terms of popularity in 2015.

General Specifications
Borujerdis House
It's named so, since most of the business dealings of the owner of the house ,who was from Natanz, was with the merchants of Borujerd.
Qajar era
The founder of this house, Haj Seyyed Natanzi, was of the Natanzi merchants residing in Kashan, and its architect was Ustad Ali Maryam Kashani.
Special features
Due to its popularity among the tourists, its chosen as the top attraction in the year 2015 by UNESCO. You can see the art master Kamal ol molk in this place.
Duration of visit
Half to one hour
Nearest tourist attractions
Tabatabaei house, Abbasi house, Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse, Bakuji house
Special Offer
There are a lot of historical places on Alavi street, all of which you could visit within a single day.
Access route
Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood, Kashan, Isfahan, Iran
How to access
Taxi and a little walking
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Borujerdis House
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