Seyyed Mosque, Isfahan

Seyyed mosque street, Isfahan, Iran
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Seyyed Mosque is the greatest and most famous mosque in Isfahan that was built in thirteenth Hijri century to the order of Hojjat al-Islam Haj Seyyed Bagher Shafti, one of the great scholars of Imamieh who was living at the reign of Mohammad Shah Qajar. Light red color plays a crucial role in tile works of vase and landscape designs and this is the color that can also be seen in other mosques of Qajar era like Rahim Khan Mosque and Rokn al-Molk Mosque. The tomb of Seyyed Hojjat al-Islam that was built very gloriously and luxuriously is located in the north eastern of the scene of the mosque. Different dates from 1255 to 1311 hijri can be seen in this mosque whose inscriptions are done by Mohammad Bagher Sharif Shirazi. The decorations inside the dome include moldings, mirror works and gildings that along with the silver and gold inlayed zarih and very beautiful calligraphies are visitable parts of the mosque.

General Specifications
Seyyed Mosque, Isfahan
Qajar era
Was built under the orders of Mohammad Bagher Shafti
Important parts to visit
Inside the dome, the tomb and the shrine
Similar relics and places
Rahim Khan mosque, Roknolmolk mosque
Access route
Seyyed mosque street, Isfahan, Iran
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Seyyed Mosque, Isfahan
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