Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

Oldest monument in Isfahan

Allame Majlesi street, Ghiam square, Isfahan, Iran
Visiting time:
Every day from 9 am to 11 and 13 to 16:30 pm
Weekly holiday:
Does not have
Annual holidays:
Does not have
Entrance fee(Iranian):
30000 Rials
Intrance fee(Foreigners):
200000 Rials
About: Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the famous cities in the world due to its ancient history and numerous ancient monuments. According to Andre Malraux, it is only comparable to two cities of Beijing and Florence. The major part of this city is related to the period after the advent of Islam, especially Seljuks and Safavid eras and precious monuments have remained among the mosques, inns, squares, bridges and streets from those periods.
Isfahan has sister city relationship with ten cities of Freiburg in Germany, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Florence in Italy, Xi’an in China, St. Petersburg in Russia, Havanna in Kuba, Yash in Romania, Kuwait City and Barcelon in Spain.
Jom’e Mosque or Jameh Mosque of Isfahan is one of the most important and oldest religious monuments in Iran. This mosque presents a vast historical complex of 170 × 140 meters in dimension in the north east of Isfahan and beside the old square and today it includes different parts such as Nezam al-Molk Dome, Taj ol-Molk Dome, four-porch yard and its circle chambers, Mozaffari School and Aljayto Altar, each of which represents the process of Islamic architecture over different periods. Architecture of this mosque is admirable and it has a unique altar. Based on historical evidences, Jameh Mosque of Isfahan has been built on the ruins of an even older mosque which was built in Judea by resident Arabs of Tehran in the second Hijri century. The first mosque was established on the ruins of buildings related to the late Sassanid period.
The most important development plans took place in Buyids and Safavid era. The architecture of the mosque is in Razi Style. Jameh Mosque of Isfahan reflects Byzantine and classic art in the form of a traditional and Islamic building.
This mosque is one of the monuments registered in UNESCO World Heritage.

General Specifications
Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
Second century lunar calendar
There are different relics from throughout history in this mosque.
Architectural style
Razi style
Special features
Since 15 centuries of artistic and architectural creativities have been assembled here, this mosque has become one of the best of works , famous in today's world.
UNESCO World Heritage
Nearest tourist attractions
Vernousfaderan graveyard
Access route
Allame Majlesi street, Ghiam square, Isfahan, Iran
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Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
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