Hasht Behesht Palace

Shahid Rajayi park, Goldaste street, Isfahan, Iran
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The historical mansion of “Hasht Behesht” (meaning Eight Heavens) is an example of palaces of the last Safavid kings that was built during Shah Soleiman era in 1080 hijri. Tiles with pictures of different animals, birds, wild animals and reptiles are countless monuments of this palace. Not much of the vast garden of “Hasht Behesht” has remained. However, the historical palace of it is still a precious and interesting monument and a park is built around it after the revolution.
It is found by the numerous reports describing this palace that the reason for its popularity is the use of perfect marbles in it and having mogharnas and painted archs.
The palace building has two floors and throne room, beautiful passageways, various golden designs and interesting decorations, unique tile backsides, paintings of animals and birds and outstanding mirror works. It is in fact one of the outstanding palaces of Safavid era.
The aforementioned palace which is also called Bolbol Garden (meaning Nightingale Garden) was a part of Naghsh-e Jahan Garden at Shah Abbas time and it was separated and began to be built in Shah Abbas time (1078-1105).
Hasht Behesht Palace was one of the sumptuous monuments of its time that was appreciated by European tourists.
This historical palace was registered with the registration number 227.

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Hasht Behesht Palace
Safavid era
Architectural style
Isfahani style
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There was a time when it was called the most beautiful place in theworld.
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Shahid Rajayi park, Goldaste street, Isfahan, Iran
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Hasht Behesht Palace
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