Chehel Sotoun Palace, Isfahan

The most beautiful palace of the Safavid era

Ostandari street, Emam Hossein square, Isfahan, Iran
Visiting time:
9 to 17
Weekly holiday:
Does not have
Annual holidays:
Days of mourning
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About: Chehel Sotoun Palace, Isfahan

One of the urban plans of the First Safavid Shah Abbas after selecting Isfahan as his capital city was to construct the beautiful Chaharbagh Street and several gardens around it, which w designed by Sheikh Bahai in a wide area called “Dolatkhane” (State Housse). One of those monuments was a small building which Shah Abbas the First constructed in Jahan Nama Garden like a kiosk or pavilion. It was expanded in time of Shah Abbas the Second and named “Chehel Sotoun”. 
One of the significant features of Chehel Sotoun Palace is very beautiful murals of Reza Abbasi, an artist in Safavie era, that have ornamented the palace walls. Each of those murals demonstrate a set of historical events in Safavid and Afsharid dynasties. Artworks of this palace including mirrorwork, murals, and woodwork indicate great artistic skill of Iranian artists. 
Chehel Sotoun of Isfahan was internationally registered by UNESCO in 2011.

General Specifications
Chehel Sotoun Palace
Its named so due to the many number of pillars it has.
During the time of Shah Abbas I
Special features
Exquisite paintings which are the works of the most renowned Iranian artist, Reza Abbasi.
UNESCO World Heritage
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer and early Fall
Duration of visit
Half an hour
Similar relics and places
Chehel Sotun palace of Qazvin, Hasht Behesht palace of Isfahan
Nearest tourist attractions
Hasht Behesht palace, Chahar Bagh school
Special Offer
From the third to the ninth of Ordibehesht and during the New Year ,the municipality of Isfahan establishes free tours.
Access route
Ostandari street, Emam Hossein square, Isfahan, Iran
How to access
Taxi, bus
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Chehel Sotoun Palace, Isfahan
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