Chaharbagh School

The last important and impressive building of Safavid period.

Chaharbagh Abbasi street, Isfahan, Iran
About: Chaharbagh School

Chaharbagh School which is also called Soltani School and Madar Shah School is the last glamorous historical monument of Safavid reign in Isfahan that was built in 1116-1126 hijri to teach and train religious students in Shah Sultan Hussein period, the last Safavid king. Chaharbagh School that according to some people has been a school and a mosque at the same time is located in the eastern side of Chaharbagh Street with an area of 8500 square meters.
In terms of architectural fitness and beauty of tilings, the dome of Chaharbagh Schoolis rated second after Sheikh Lotf al-Allah Mosque. However, in experts’ idea, the luxurious gate of this building which is ornated by gold and silver is a masterpiece in fine industries and is a unique structure in terms of goldsmith, gilding, design and etching. Chaharbagh School is also significant in terms of tilings and includes different types of this art such as seven colored tiling, sudoriferous, Chinese knot, pillay and magheli and is in fact the tiling museum in Isfahan. This place is the tile collection in Iran. The integrated marble altar and pulpit, especial chamber of Suktan Hussain King, unique tiling of the school entry, nastaliq calligraphy on the inscriptions and wooden carved windows are the very interesting and spectacular parts of this precious historical monument. The architecture of Chaharbagh School is in Isfahanian Style.the peak of education in this school was at Safavid era and after that time it took a descending path.
This monument was registered in the list of national monuments in 1310 with registration number 116.

General Specifications
Chaharbagh School
It's known as Sultani because it was built during the time of Shah Sultan Hossein and it's named Chaharbagh because it's located at Chaharbagh street.
Safavid era
It was built during the time of Shah Sultan Hossein the last Safavid ruler.
Architectural style
Isfahani style
Special features
Nowhere in Isfahan has attracted foreign tourists and visitors as much as the Chaharbagh School has.
Nearest tourist attractions
King's mother caravanserai, high market or king's market
Access route
Chaharbagh Abbasi street, Isfahan, Iran
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Chaharbagh School
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