Bazaar of Isfahan

Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran
About: Bazaar of Isfahan

 Belonging to Safavid era, Isfahan Bazaar is one of the oldest nd largest bazaars in the Middle-East. Among Iranian traditional large cities, few cities have such a magnificent bazaar. There are stores in this bazaar that have been selling particular goods since 400 years ago. 
The most important bazaar in Isfahan is “Qeysarie Bazaar”. In addition to Qeysarieh and other bazaars branched from it, there are other bazaars in Isfahan, the most important of which is “Shahi Bazaar” or Bazarche Boland (high market) that was built in 1118 AH (1706 AD) alongside “Fathie House and School” in Shah Sultan Hossein’s period, the last Safavid ruler.

General Specifications
Bazaar of Isfahan
Safavid era
Best time to visit
Morning until evening
Nearest tourist attractions
Naqsh-e Jahan Square (Emam square), Shaykh Bahai hammam, Ali Gholi Agha hammam, Jameh Mosque of Ashtarjan, Assarkhaneh Shahi, Qeysarie Gate, Chaharbagh School, Ali Qapu, Vank Cathedral
Special Offer
It's better to purchase the handicrafts from the craftsmen themselves.
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Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran
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Bazaar of Isfahan
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