Isfahan Hotel Isfahan

Next to Shahid Beheshti hospital, Metal bridge, Motahhari street, Isfahan, Iran
Rating 30 50 42 - -
About: Isfahan Hotel Isfahan

هتل اصفهان از جمله هتل هایی است که در مرکز شهر اصفهان بنا گردیده است. هتل در نزدیکی زاینده رود پر آوازه و مشرف به رودخانه قرار دارد، که این همجواری امتیازات ویژه ای چون نزدیکی به پل های تاریخی مارنان و سی و سه پل را فراهم کرده است. فاصله هتل تا سی و سه پل حدود 20 دقیقه پیاده راه است و کمتر از 20 دقیقه از هتل تا پل مارنان راه است. 

General Specifications
Isfahan Hotel Isfahan
Star rating
3 star
Distance from the airport
35 minutes by car
Distance from the train or subway station
21 minutes by car to the train station
Distance from the terminal
15 minutes by car
Distance from the city center
This hotel is at the city center
Facilities of the hotel
Conference Room
Prayer room
Room facilities
Iranian toilet
Western toilet
Heating system
Cooling system
Internet in room
Safe box
Reception and Reservation
Familiar languages
Working hours
Room delivery at 14:00 and room evacuation at 13:00
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation when less than 24 hours is left has a penalty equal to the cost of a single night's stay.
Rates for foreign guests
same rate
Advantage & Disadvantage of Isfahan Hotel Isfahan
Advantage of Isfahan Hotel Isfahan
  • Extra services are beds
  • Free internet
  • Great location
Disadvantage of Isfahan Hotel Isfahan
  • Lack of private parking lot
  • No Iranian toilets availablein rooms
  • Bad quality of rooms in terms of equipment and lighting
  • No personal ventilation system
  • Hygienic tips are not adhered.
  • There are insects in rooms.
Isfahan Hotel Isfahan
Room prices of Isfahan Hotel Isfahan
Update: 2017-05-11
دو تخته دبل
2,050,000 Rials
سه تخته
2,660,000 Rials
چهار تخته
3,280,000 Rials
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