Darreh Shahr Waterfalls

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Ilam is one of the provinces in Iran that is located in the west of Iran and in the mountainous and semi-dry region. The center of this city is Ilam. Ilam Province is neighbor with Iraq in the west, Khuzestan in the south, Lorestan in the east and Kermanshah in the north. This province is one of the more or less forest cities in Iran.

Ilam has many historical and tourist attractions that are results of its climate and natural geographical position. Some of the tourist attractions of Ilam include magnificent natural waterfalls.

Darre Shahr County is one of the western counties of Iran and foothills of Kabir Kuh from Zagros Mountains and its center is Darre Shahr. Darre Shahr County is surrounded by Lorestan Province in the east an Ilam Province in the west. The dialect of people in Darre Shahr is mainly Khorram Abad Lori and Laki and a part of people in this county speak Kurdish and Arabic. The historical city of Madakto (the ancient Dare Shahr) is located along the southern side of current Darre Shahr and it was the capital of Elamite.

General Specifications
Darreh Shahr Waterfalls
Some of the waterfalls of the region reach 60 meters in height.
Plant features
Tall reed beds, ferns, venus hair ferns and etc
Best time to visit
Necessary tools and equipment
Traveling equipment for the watery path such as slippers, extra clothing, tent and etc
Access route
Mar Barreh waterfall is 20 kilometers from the Darreh Shahr road towards Maiden brdige and between te two Aramu and Kal-e Sefid villages. The address of the rest of the Darreh Shahr waterfalls are available within the text.
Access to vehicles
Darreh Shahr Waterfalls
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