Razianeh Canyon

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Razianeh canyon in Elam province is one of the Geotourism districts of the province and has a spectacular nature. This natural relic is registered in the registration list of Iran’s natural relics. This is a narrow and unfathomable canyon which is located in a green area. There is a tree inside this canyon. This canyon is located in the 50 kilometer distance of Elam-Dareh Shahr route. 75 hectares of the lands of Razianeh canyon was introduced as a national-natural relic in 2009, and in the same year, this relic was registered in the list of Iran’s national-natural relics. This registration has placed it in the second level of IUCN international organization.

General Specifications
Razianeh (Fennel) Canyon
It appears that Fennel canyon has gotten its name du to the wild fennels that grow near it.
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Kafari Canyon
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After Chenar Bashi village, the fringe of the connecting roa from Ilam to Darreh Shahr, 57 kilometers south of Ilam
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Drinkable water spring on the path
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Razianeh Canyon
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