Kafari Badreh Canyon

About: Kafari Badreh Canyon

Tang Kafari is located in the 55 kilometer distance of Elam/Dareh Shahr route and in the 15 kilometer distance of Badreh town. Tang Kafari is located in the geographical location of N332228 – E465957 in Elam province. Vast oak forests and wildlife variety such as the Iranian Squirrel are among the attractions of this area. In the 1 kilometer distance of the entrance of this canyon, the Zamzam water lake is located. Moreover, the shrine of Jaber is one of the other touristic places of this district.

General Specifications
Kafari Canyon
Animal features
Iranian squirrel
Plant features
Vast forests of oak, ash and fern
Important parts to visit
Zamzam pond, shrine of Jaber, Shaddad cave
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
Mountains of Kabirkuh, Manesht, Dinarkuh and Ghelarang
Access route
55 kilometers from the Ilam-Darreh Shahr road and 15 kilometers from the town of Badreh, Ilam, Iran
Parking at the beginning
Drinkable water spring on the path
Network coverage
Kafari Badreh Canyon
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