Kabir Kouh Protected Area

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About: Kabir Kouh Protected Area

Darreh Shahr is one of the cities at the foot of Kabir Kouh Mountain, Zagros Mountain Range. Kabir Kouh has surrounded the southern part of the county whose forest area has made the air fresh and enhanced the bauty of the district in late winter and spring. Darreh Shahr the location of Madaktu ancient city, the capital of Elam. Madaktu historical city lies along the southern side of current Darreh Shahr City. 
In Sassanid dynasty, Darreh Shahr was one of the capital cities of Iran, and it was considered as the largest historical city in the west of Iran. In addition, after Ilam, it is the second largest city of the province.

General Specifications
Nature and Protected Area of Darreh Shahr
Animal features
Wolf, jackal and fox, brown bear, leopard and etc
Plant features
Brant's oak, Caucasian wingnut and etc
Best time to visit
All the seasons
Estimated duration for the visit
One to a few days
Access route
Around the Kabir Kouh protected area are the two roads of Iliam-Darreh Shahr to the north and Darreh Shahr-Abdanan, which form the eastern border of the region, Ilam province, Iran
Kabir Kouh Protected Area
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