Siah Gav Twin Lakes of Abdanan

About: Siah Gav Twin Lakes of Abdanan

The twin lake of Siah Gav is located in Abdanan town to the south of Elam province and it is known as one of the rarest natural phenomena of the country.
Having various natural and beautiful relics and considering the climate type, Elam is one of the tourism attractions of the country in different seasons. And this is the land of Alameto, where it is beautiful all over and man can observe the beauties created by the creator on earth.
One of the important and naturally wonderful phenomena is located in Elam province. The twin lake of Siah Gave is located in Abdanan town, to the south of Elam province and it is very rare inside the country. “Siah Gav” is one of the rare lakes of the world and it is located in a village with the same name in Abdanan town. It is a fair lake which has been divided accidentally into two similar parts, and that is why the name Twin is implied.
The twin lake of Siah Gav of Abdanan which has a global fame is registered among the natural written cultural heritages.

General Specifications
Siah Gav Twin Lakes of Abdanan
The correct nameis Siag O. In the local dialect Siag means Bluish or black and O means water.
The original name of this lake is siah(black) because its water is dark.
12 meters of depth
Geographical features
Kabir Kuh
Animal features
Aquatic creatures and wild birds
Plant features
Unique plant and forest diversity
Best time to visit
Spring and autumn afternoons
Duration of visit
Atleast one day
Necessary tools and equipment
Extra clothing in case of swimming, picnic equipment
Nearest tourist attractions
Sarab Resort of Abdanan, Kabirkuh foothill resorts, Dinarkuh, Chenar Promenade area, The promenade near the twin lakes
Special Offer
You may swim in these ponds but be careful, water's depth can suddenly reach to more than 3 meters
Access route
Siahgav village, Sarab Bagh district, Abdanan, Ilam, Iran
Access to vehicles
Advantage & Disadvantage of Siah Gav Twin Lakes of Abdanan
Disadvantage of Siah Gav Twin Lakes of Abdanan

 کمبود امکانات و نبود جاده مناسب دسترسی، دو مشکل عمده در ناشناختگی این دریاچه است.
 این دریاچه حتی یک تابلو راهنما ندارد و گردشگران دیگر مناطق کشور نمی توانند در این کوه ها دنبال دریاچه بگردند تا به آن برسند.

Siah Gav Twin Lakes of Abdanan

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