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In the sand beach of Kish, the ground is coral and shines like silver under the Sun. The blue, transparent sea makes the bottom of the sea clearly visible. Coral is what creates this unique beauty. The corals around the island purify the water and make it see-through. Tranquil coasts along with the beautiful corals getting together provide a shelter for pretty colorful fish. Shining beach, blue sky, sea waves, and green coconut trees create spectacular scenery that no master artist can create. The other side of the island is also popular for its sunsets and evenings. When the water rushes, hits the rocky beach, squirts into the azury sky, and falls down again, a splendid view is provided. Fishing fans can catch fish on southern and western coasts. The color of the coasts of the island is coral shining white, a color that becomes more beautiful when mixed with the sunlight.

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Beautiful beaches of Kish island
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Sunrise and sunset
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Kish island, Hormozgan province, Iran
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Kish Beaches
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