Paradise 1 and 2 Shopping Centers

About: Paradise 1 and 2 Shopping Centers

Purchasing products from Kish markets with regards to product variety has always been enjoyable for tourists and travelers. And anyone who have travelled to Kish with any intention won’t return empty handed.

Bazars and commercial centers of Kish with their modern and delicate architecture designs are operating in presenting any kinds of products. These bazars are one of the main attraction aspects of Kish and each year they attract a considerable number of tourists and travelers.

In this part, we introduce the famous and popular bazars of Pardis.

General Specifications
Paradise 1 and 2 Shopping Centers
Items sold
Different types of clothing, audio and video devices, cosmetics, mobile phones, bags and shoes and etc
Famous brands
Etude, Isadora, Nouba, ZARA
Trade centers in the vicinity
Morvarid shopping center, Trade centers of Kish, Zeytoon, Paniz and etc
Nearest tourist attractions
Recreationalpier of Kish
Special Offer
Paradise 2 shopping center is more recommended
Access route
Paradise square, ish, Hormozgan province, Iran
How to access
Taxi, van (more economical)
Phone number
Paradise 2: 44456221-076
Paradise 1 and 2 Shopping Centers
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