Kariz, Kish

Underground City

Near Faror square, after Olympic square, Kish island, Hormozgan, Iran
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Daily from 8:30 in the morning to 9 at night.
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About: Kariz, Kish

Kriz or Kahriz is a Persian word meaning “aqueduct”. Aqueduct or kariz was invented by Iranians and has a historical background equal to the civilization of the Ancient Iran. Despite its long history and development of modern technologies, it is still vital for people living in many hot and dry areas. Aqueducts usually start from the heights or the mother well and finally end in kariz embody where water comes out of ground.
Kariz Underground City includes three aqueducts and 274 wells which are an amusement place and allows people to visit the ancient aqueducts in the beautiful island of Kish. Some of these wells are totally intact and some others have been turned into a conoid form for better ventilation of light and air.
Kish Aqueduct dates back to more than 2500 years ago and it used to supply the fresh and drinking water of island habitants. Kish Aqueduct is not comparable to other aqueducts in Iran in terms of length and depth. However, considering the very low slope of the island, underground water leading to the surface in Kish is highly important and shows that the most advanced methods were used at that time for digging the aqueducts.
Some of its exquisite features are its eight meters roof that is mostly filled with fossils, shells and corals that date back to 270-570 million years ago in experts’ idea and each and every one of them has been identified and has a formal identity.

General Specifications
Kariz Underground City, Kish
Kariz means Qanat.
Two thousand years
Special features
The coral-Fossil cieling of Kariz is between 53 to 570 million years old.
Nearest tourist attractions
Persian Gulf coral reefs
Access route
Near Faror square, after Olympic square, Kish island, Hormozgan, Iran
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Kariz, Kish
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