Parmis Hotel Kish

Pardis square, Kish, Hormozgan, Iran
Rating 70 60 68 - 85
About: Parmis Hotel Kish

هتل بین‌المللی پارمیس کیش یکی از بزرگترین و مجهزترین هتل های جزیره ی کیش می‌باشد، که در موقعیتی عالی، نزدیک به مراکز خرید و مناطق تفریحی واقع شده است. اين هتل در سال ۱۳۸۵ افتتاح گرديده  است.
هتل پارمیس در قلب مراکز تجاری کیش قرار گرفته و تا بازار های پرمیس 1 و 2 حدود 5 الی 10 دقیقه راه پیاده دارد. همچنین این هتل تا ساحل خلیج و پلاژ آقایان حدود نیم ساعت پیاده روی نیاز دارد که با سواری 7 دقیقه کافیست.
هتل پارميس داراى چهار رستوران، دو رستوران با ارائه غذاى ايرانى و فرنگى، رستوران سنتى با معمارى منحصر به فرد دوران صفويه و رستوران خانه اسپاگتى با انواع غذاهاى ايتاليايى میباشد.

General Specifications
Parmis Hotel Kish
Star rating
5 star
Distance from the airport
10 minutes by car
Distance from the city center
This hotel is at the city center
Distance from the touristic locations
About 10 minute by car to the recreational pier, about 5 to 15 minutes of walking to the market and trade centers, about 10 minutes by car to Harireh and Kariz cities, about half an hour of walking to the beach.
Facilities of the hotel
Number of rooms
More than 100
Coffee Shop
Green space
Conference Room
Sports room
Swimming pool
Pool club
Traditional tea house
Beauty shop
Prayer room
Sauna Jacuzzi
Internet Caf
More facilities
Penthouse, bride and groom room, traditional restaurant, computer gaming center, massage parlor, car rental, smoking room, fax and photocopy, shoe polish machine, tour services.
Room facilities
Iranian toilet
Western toilet
Heating system
Cooling system
Room service
Internet in room
Safe box
Fire alarm
More facilities
Wardrobe, furniture and desk in some units, bathtub, hygienic supplies.
Reception and Reservation
Working hours
Room delivery at 14:00 and room evacuation at 12:00
Cancellation Policy
Due to being chartered, cancellation is not possible.
Rates for foreign guests
same rate
More details
According to the tariff of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism department, those under 2 years of age are exempt from paying any fee, young people between 2 to 6 years are considered children and the price for an additional person aged between 2 and 6 is half, whereas it is full price for an additional person over the age of 6.
Advantage & Disadvantage of Parmis Hotel Kish
Advantage of Parmis Hotel Kish
  • Buffet breakfast and lunch
  • Airport transfer
  • Serving fruits and mineral water in afternoons
  • Tea and espresso (in room)
  • Free internet
  • Close to the trade centers and its location in the city
  • Daily cleaning rooms and changing towels and personal items regularly
  • Able to deliver rooms before 14:00
Disadvantage of Parmis Hotel Kish
  • Some of the room's devices need to be renewed
Parmis Hotel Kish
Room prices of Parmis Hotel Kish
Update: 2017-05-11
دو تخته رو به دریا
7,600,000 Rials
دو تخته رو به جزیره
7,400,000 Rials
سه تخته رو به دریا
10,200,000 Rials
سه تخته رو به جزیره
10,000,000 Rials
سوئیت یک خوابه رو به دریا
12,900,000 Rials
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