Sayeh Khosh Kaluts

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It is not clear whether it should be called a desert or a coast! The beautiful place in Bandar-e Lengeh is close to the sea despite its appearance which is like a big and deep desert. The ancient and historical monuments of the district are a lot like other ports and old cities of Iran.
44 kilometers from Khamir and 55 kilometers from Bandar-e Lengeh that owes its name to a nearby village, there are beautifully carved kaluts that have been formed by the wind blowing and water have given it a strange shape that can rarely be found anywhere in the world.
This desert also has a spring with the same name that is seething in the mountain skirt and between marl limestones.

General Specifications
Yardangs of Sayeh Khvosh
Taken from the name of the village in the area
Important parts to visit
Spring, yardangs
Access route
55 kilometers from Bandar Lengeh and 44 kilometers from Khamir, Bandar Lengeh county, Hormozgan province, Iran
Drinkable water spring on the path
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Sayeh Khosh Kaluts

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