Khersin Salt Cave

About: Khersin Salt Cave

There is a salt dome 3 kilometers from the north western side of Siaho and its main part is made of salt and there are very long salt caves in it.
Salt dissolution forms are formed in the dome in various shapes. The salt dome of Khrsyn Siaho has exquisite views – especially the salt waterfall, various cressets with huge salt columns – for having unique features compared to other salt domes in the province.
This area is proteceted by Department of Environmental Protection.

General Specifications
Khersin Salt Cave
Named after the Village in the area
Physical features of the cave
Height of the cave's opening is 3 meters, its width 4 meters and the length of the cave is 178 meters.
Special features
Salt waterfall, a variety of speleothems with huge salt pillars.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary equipment
Drinking water and safety equipment
Nearest tourist attractions
Jamash valley
Access route
In the neighborhood of Khersin village from Siyahu rural district of the Fin district of Bandar Abbas county, 75 kilometers northeast of Bandar Abbas city, Hormozgan, Iran
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Khersin Salt Cave
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