Samen Underground City

15 kilometers from Malayer, Samen city, Hamadan province, Iran
About: Samen Underground City

A hidden underground city is located in the south west of Malayer County in Samen District. This city was built on a carved stone bedrock. Archeologists consider the initial core of the city belonging to prior to Arsacid period, which has been expanded over time. “Samen” hidden or underground city which was hidden before Arsacid period was later used as a cemetery. The present location of the city indicates that it might be the ruins of a city which has been mentioned as “Ramen” in Almasalek and Al-mamalek books. 
What can be conclude based on human studies and anthropological analyses in Samen workshops is that this underground site is one of the unique constructions in Iran. 
This historical monument was registered in Iran’s National Heritage on April 15, 2008 under the registration number of 24622.

General Specifications
Samen Underground City
Special features
This underground site is a unique structure in Iran and the extent of such a structure has not been observed anywhere else.
Nearest tourist attractions
Khanqoli tower, Emamzade Sam and Ham
Access route
15 kilometers from Malayer, Samen city, Hamadan province, Iran
Samen Underground City

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