BabaTahir Mausoleum, Hamadan

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Baba Tahir square, northwest of Hamadan, Hamadan province, Iran
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Spring and Summer 9-21; Autumn and Winter 9-18
About: BabaTahir Mausoleum, Hamadan

Baba Tahir or Baba Tahir Oryan is an Iranian mystic and Do-bayti (Persian quatrain) poet who lived from late 4th century to mid-5th century AH (Century 11 AD) in the time of Seljuk Toghrul-Beg. Baba Tahir’s poetry has been written in either Hamadani or Luri dialect. “Baba” (Father) as a sobriquet given to devoted disciples, and he was called “Oryan” (Naked) because he had dismissed worldly concerns. In Lorstan, “Baba” is used for spiritual guides of Ahl-e Haqq (People of Truth). There is not enough information about Baba Tahir’s family and life. According to Najmoddin Rawandi in Rahat al-sodur, Baba Tahir visited Seljuk Toghrul in 447 AH and was respected by him. 
The Tomb of Baba Tahir goes back to Seljuk period. It was occasionally refurbished and finally, it was constructed in the way that we can see today. 
This historical monument was registered in Iran’s National Heritage on April 10, 1997 under the registration number of 1780.

General Specifications
BabaTahir Mausoleum
Baba was a title given to the followers of Varasta and Oryan (naked) for being severed from worldly attachments.
The current mausoleum of Baba Tahir was built at 1965 (1344 in solar calendar)
2004 (1383 in solar calendar)
Engineer Mohsen Foroughi
Best time to visit
Morning until evening
Duration of visit
Half an hour
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Access route
Baba Tahir square, northwest of Hamadan, Hamadan province, Iran
BabaTahir Mausoleum, Hamadan
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